ILMN Human 610 Quad

This array combines the contents of the Human Hap550-Duo and Human CNV370-Duo BeadChips. The Human610-Quad BeadChip offers comprehensive genomic coverage across many populations and the majority of known variation in regions of the genome based on HapMap release 23 data. The content provides 89%, 86%, and 58% coverage of the CEU, CHB+JPT, and YRI populations, respectively (at r2 > 0.8). The median spacing between markers is 2.7kb (mean = 4.7kb). In addition to evenly spaced and comprehensive tag SNP content, the Human610-Quad BeadChip includes ~60,000 CNV-targeted markers in regions particularly likely to contain CNVs. This provides deep coverage of more than 3,900 CNV regions reported in the Toronto Database of Genomic Variants. Additional SNP content covers non-synonymous SNPs, the MHC region, mitochondrial SNPs, and Y-chromosome SNPs. (Source: Updated July 2013.