A curated catalogue of human genomic structural variation

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Name Type Description Position Match Score
PFKL|NR_024108 transcript chr21:45719925..45747261 n/a
PFKL|NM_002626 transcript chr21:45719930..45747256 n/a
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Breakpoint annotations from Lam et al (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Indigo:Inversion;Brown:Complex) [?] Annotations from Conrad et al [?] Breakpoint annotations from Pang 2012 (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Indigo:Inversion;Brown:Complex) [?]
- CGH Arrays
Agilent 244k [?] Clones on SMRT BAC Array [?] 
- CN Assays
Life Technologies TaqMan Copy Number Assays [?]  
- Chromosome
Cytogenetic Bands [?] Assembly [?] Gap [?]
- Clones
BAC End Pairs [?] Fosmid End Pairs [?] 
- Disease
ISCA Curated clinically relevant regions [?] Disease Genes (OMIM) [?] DECIPHER: Chromosomal Imbalance and Phenotype in Humans (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Black:NA) [?]
ISCA Clinical cytogenetic testing (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Black:NA) [?] DECIPHER Genomic Disorders [?] 
- Gene
RefSeq Genes [?] mRNA [?] microRNA [?]
- General
Personal Genome Variants (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inversion;Black:Unknown) [?] SNPs [?] 
dbRIP [?] RepeatMasker [?] 
- SNP Arrays
AFFY SNP Array 5.0 [?] ILMN HumanHap 300 [?] ILMN HumanHap 650Y [?]
AFFY SNP Array 6.0 [?] ILMN HumanHap 550 [?] ILMN Human 660W [?]
AFFY CytoScan HD [?] ILMN Human 610 Quad [?] ILMN HumanHap 1M [?]
- Segmental Duplications
UCSC segmental duplications [?]  
- Study Variants
DGV Structural Variants (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inversion;Black:Unknown) [?] Unannotated Studies (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inversion;Black:Unknown) [?] DGV Gold Standard Variants (blue=Gain; red=Loss; brown=Gain+Loss) [?]
Supporting Variants (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inverison;Black:Unknown) [?] Nat. Rev. Gen. CNV Map - Inclusive (blue=Gain; red=Loss; brown=Gain+Loss) [?] OPGP Affymetrix CytoHD Variants (blue=Gain; red=Loss; solidbox=AFFY_FILTER; solidline=MULTI_ALGO; dashedline=ONLY_CHAS) [?]
DGV Version 1 Structural Variants (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inversion;Black:Unknown) [?] Nat. Rev. Gen. CNV Map - Stringent (blue=Gain; red=Loss; brown=Gain+Loss) [?] 
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Chromosome (overview)   

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