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Name Type Description Position Match Score
TRAPPC3|NM_001270894 transcript chr1:36602170..36615115 n/a
TRAPPC3|NM_001270895 transcript chr1:36602170..36621654 n/a
TRABD2B|NM_001194986 transcript chr1:48226200..48462562 n/a
TRAF3IP3|NM_025228 transcript chr1:209929394..209955668 n/a
TRAF5|NM_004619 transcript chr1:211499957..211548286 n/a
TRAF5|NM_001033910 transcript chr1:211500148..211548286 n/a
TRAF5|NM_145759 transcript chr1:211519706..211548286 n/a
TRAPPC12|NM_016030 transcript chr2:3383446..3483342 n/a
TRABD2A|NM_001080824 transcript chr2:85048791..85108369 n/a
TRAK2|NM_015049 transcript chr2:202241930..202316319 n/a
TRAF3IP1|NM_001139490 transcript chr2:239229185..239309541 n/a
TRANK1|NM_014831 transcript chr3:36868308..36986548 n/a
TRAK1|NM_001265608 transcript chr3:42132746..42254118 n/a
TRAK1|NM_001042646 transcript chr3:42132746..42267382 n/a
TRAK1|NM_001265610 transcript chr3:42190727..42245681 n/a
TRAK1|NM_001265609 transcript chr3:42190727..42254118 n/a
TRAK1|NM_014965 transcript chr3:42201661..42254118 n/a
TRAIP|NM_005879 transcript chr3:49866028..49893992 n/a
TRAT1|NM_016388 transcript chr3:108541631..108573714 n/a
TRA2B|NM_001243879 transcript chr3:185632358..185655924 n/a
TRAM1L1|NM_152402 transcript chr4:118004710..118006736 n/a
TRAPPC11|NM_021942 transcript chr4:184580420..184634747 n/a
TRAPPC13|NR_003545 transcript chr5:64920558..64926532 n/a
TRAPPC13|NM_001093755 transcript chr5:64920558..64961954 n/a
TRAM2|NM_012288 transcript chr6:52362200..52441862 n/a
TRAM2-AS1|NR_103446 transcript chr6:52442000..52448791 n/a
TRAM2-AS1|NR_103447 transcript chr6:52442096..52448791 n/a
TRAF3IP2-AS1|NR_034111 transcript chr6:111804675..111824811 n/a
TRAF3IP2-AS1|NR_034110 transcript chr6:111804675..111899383 n/a
TRAF3IP2-AS1|NR_034108 transcript chr6:111804675..111923497 n/a
TRAF3IP2|NM_001164283 transcript chr6:111876581..111888563 n/a
TRAF3IP2|NM_001164281 transcript chr6:111876581..111927477 n/a
TRAF3IP2|NM_001164283 transcript chr6:111880143..111888521 n/a
TRAF3IP2|NM_001164282 transcript chr6:111880143..111894898 n/a
TRAF3IP2|NM_001164281 transcript chr6:111880143..111927474 n/a
TRAPPC3L|NM_001139444 transcript chr6:116817651..116866773 n/a
TRA2A|NM_001282757 transcript chr7:23544401..23571660 n/a
TRAM1|NM_014294 transcript chr8:71485453..71520694 n/a
TRAPPC9|NM_001160372 transcript chr8:140742586..141467861 n/a
TRAPPC9|NM_031466 transcript chr8:140742586..141468678 n/a
TRAF1|NM_001190947 transcript chr9:123664671..123676850 n/a
TRAF1|NM_005658 transcript chr9:123664671..123689173 n/a
TRAF1|NM_001190945 transcript chr9:123664671..123691451 n/a
TRAF2|NM_021138 transcript chr9:139780965..139821067 n/a
TRAF6|NM_004620 transcript chr11:36505317..36531863 n/a
TRAPPC4|NM_016146 transcript chr11:118889241..118894385 n/a
TRAFD1|NM_001143906 transcript chr12:112563349..112591408 n/a
TRAPPC6B|NM_001079537 transcript chr14:39617015..39639634 n/a
TRAF3|NM_001199427 transcript chr14:103243816..103377837 n/a
TRAF7|NM_032271 transcript chr16:2205799..2228130 n/a
TRAP1|NM_001272049 transcript chr16:3708038..3767598 n/a
TRADD|NM_003789 transcript chr16:67188089..67193812 n/a
TRAPPC2L|NM_016209 transcript chr16:88923506..88927520 n/a
TRAPPC1|NM_021210 transcript chr17:7833663..7835267 n/a
TRAPPC1|NM_001166621 transcript chr17:7833663..7835317 n/a
TRAF4|NM_004295 transcript chr17:27071023..27077976 n/a
TRAPPC8|NM_014939 transcript chr18:29409136..29523091 n/a
TRAPPC5|NM_001042461 transcript chr19:7745707..7747748 n/a
TRAPPC6A|NM_001270891 transcript chr19:45666186..45681501 n/a
TRAPPC2P1|NR_002166 transcript chr19:57874879..57876721 n/a
TRABD|NM_025204 transcript chr22:50624360..50638027 n/a
TRAPPC10|NM_003274 transcript chr21:45432206..45526432 n/a
TRAPPC2|NM_001011658 transcript chrX:13730361..13752754 n/a
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Supporting Variants (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inverison;Black:Unknown) [?] Nat. Rev. Gen. CNV Map - Inclusive (blue=Gain; red=Loss; brown=Gain+Loss) [?] OPGP Affymetrix CytoHD Variants (blue=Gain; red=Loss; solidbox=AFFY_FILTER; solidline=MULTI_ALGO; dashedline=ONLY_CHAS) [?]
DGV Version 1 Structural Variants (Blue:Gain;Red:Loss;Brown:Complex;Purple:Inversion;Black:Unknown) [?] Nat. Rev. Gen. CNV Map - Stringent (blue=Gain; red=Loss; brown=Gain+Loss) [?] 
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