A curated catalogue of human genomic structural variation

Data Submission

The Database of Genomic Variants is no longer accepting direct submission of data to DGV. We are currently part of a collaboration with two new archival CNV databases at EBI and NCBI, called DGVa and dbVAR, respectively. One of the changes to DGV as part of this collaborative effort is that we will no longer be accepting direct submissions, but rather obtain the datasets from DGVa (short for DGV archive). This will ensure that the three databases are synchronized, and will allow for an official accessioning of variants.

To proceed with the submission of data, we therefore recommend that you contact either DGVa or dbVAR and let them handle the archiving and accessioning of your data. Once the data is deposited in their system and the manuscript is published, we will import the variants into DGV.

For more information about this collaboration, please see the Correspondence published in Nature Genetics (PubMed ID: 20877315).

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