A curated catalogue of human genomic structural variation


DGVa : Database of Genomic Variants Archive

dbVar : Database of genomic structural variation

DECIPHER : DatabasE of Chromosomal Imbalance and Phenotype in Humans using Ensembl Resources.

HapMap Project : a multi-country effort to identify and catalog genetic similarities and differences in human beings.

dbRIP : a database of human Retrotransposon Insertion Polymorphisms (RIPs).

Human Structural Variation Database : A catalogue of human genomic polymorphisms ascertained by experimental and computational analyses.

The Chromosome Anomaly Collection : This Collection contains examples of unbalanced chromosome abnormalities (UBCAs) without phenotypic effect.

CHOP CNV Database : A database showing CNVs called from Illumina BeadArray data generated at the Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia.

ECARUCA : A European database that collects cytogenetic and clinical data of rare chromosomal aberrations from all (cyto)genetic centres that are member of the European Cytogeneticists Association (ECA).

The Chromosomal Variation in Man : The Chromosomal Variation in Man online database follows the 8th edition of the book published in 1997 and contains exhaustive information on all the human chromosomal polymorphisms and abnormalities described since 1959 to date.

The International Standards for Cytogenomic Arrays Consortium : The ISCA database contains whole genome array data from a subset of the ISCA Consortium clinical diagnostic laboratories.

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